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Have some Pride: Queering up sex toys

When we normally discuss the use of sex toys and vibrators it is normally discussed within the heteronormative gaze of different-sex couple play or masturbation by cis-gendered vulva owners. As we enter...

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The Benefits of Lube

Often when buying a sex toy or vibrator or even condoms, lube tends to be something that gets overlooked in the preparation process. Treated like a dirty secret in the...

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We’ve got some big news!

Love Not War is celebrating this month. Not only have we launched our most sustainable product yet, the Maya, but we’ve also won TWO prestigious awards! From the beginning, we...

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Product Review: Meet Koi

Meet Koi, the latest eco-friendly vibrator here at Love Not War, a full-headed wand vibrator that proves that petite can be powerful. Small in stature but packing a punch with four...

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