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My new toy won’t switch on, help!

Your new toy could have the travel lock activated. Try these steps:

  • Press and hold until you feel a quick pulse of 3 vibrations (around 10 seconds). This indicates travel lock is turned off
  • Press the button once to turn the product on
  • Press the button again to increase the intensity of vibration and change the vibration patterns
  • Press and hold for 3 seconds to turn off (around 5 seconds)
  • To reactivate the travel lock press and hold until you feel a quick pulse of 3 vibrations (around 10 seconds)
  • If this doesn’t work, get in touch with us at 

My toy isn’t charging anymore.

First of all, we’re very sorry to hear you’re having issues with your love. not war. toy. Get in touch with us at and we’ll do everything we can. 

About the toys

What are the products made from?

Our products are designed using as few materials as possible. We use only FDA grade-silicone and recycle and reuse leftover materials. We use recycled Aluminium and limit plastic and the small amount we do use is recycled within our factory. All our packaging is a natural and eco-friendly brown cardboard, which needs less energy and water to make and it carries the FSC logo, showing you won’t be harming the world’s forests when you choose a love. not war. Plus we use eco-friendly soy ink for the text on our packaging and eco-friendly glue too.

Is my toy waterproof?

All of our products are fully waterproof, so you can take them on underwater adventures and they are also easier to clean. 

Does my battery work with any detachable head from love. not war.?

Yes, it does! Our toys come with a battery base that is interchangeable with all our detachable heads, meaning you need only one battery unit for all our separate heads, creating multiple products.

How do I clean my toy?

We suggest cleaning your love. not war. toy with warm water and soap or a specific high-quality toy cleaner.

Can I use lube with my toy?

Yes you can, and we’d actually recommend it to enhance your play, however be careful with the type of lube you choose. Only used water-based lubes with our silicone love. not war. products. Do not use silicone-based lube as it can react with the silicone in your toy and damage your product.


How is love. not war. sustainable?

At love. not war. we strive to be ‘eco-friendly’ in all areas of our business. In particular, when it comes to our packaging and the materials we use, we follow three simple rules- reduce, reuse and recycle! 

We ‘reduce’ by using as few materials as possible across the whole board. For example, all  love. not war. toys come with a modularity that is interchangeable, meaning you can use one battery for multiple products. 

Our goal is for people to never need to throw their love. not war. toy away. We ‘reuse’ by designing our products in such a way that they are durable. They are built to last and because the battery component is compatible and interchangeable with all the “heads” from our range, it can be reused when you want to try a new toy. 

We ‘recycle’ by using materials that are either recycled or recyclable. We put a great amount of thought into every area of our business model to ensure that nothing is wasted. And of course we happily accept  love. not war. products back for recycling.
We significantly reduced the amount of plastic in  love. not war. and the small amount of plastic we do use, is recycled within the factory. Instead we focused on using recycled Aluminium as the main material, as it is one of the most widely and easily recycled materials globally, with up to 98% of the world’s Aluminium currently recycled.

When it comes to our packaging, we of course use only recycled cardboard and our packaging proudly carries the FSC logo. ​​The FSC logo shows that our products comply with the highest social and environmental standards on the market and shows customers that they won’t be harming the world’s forests when they choose to buy a love. not war. toy.

We came to realise that dying recycled card uses a lot of energy and water, so we opted to forgo that step and all our packaging now is a natural and eco-friendly brown cardboard and we use eco-friendly soy ink for the text. 
Our products come with an eco-friendly bamboo storage bag that can be repurposed too. We even ensure the glue is eco-friendly.

It’s a learning process and we rely on feedback from our customers and sustainability experts to continually find ways to innovate and improve our eco-friendly products.

What company policies does love. not war. have?

When hired, all our employees are trained in our core values and how to be as kind to the earth as possible. This includes practices such as turning off unused lights, ensuring taps are turned off and shutting off all unused equipment. All of our staff are paid a fair wage and are entitled to fair vacation days too. We believe in treating people and the earth with respect.  

How can I become more sustainable?

As the saying goes: “We don't need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly”. If you are interested in becoming more sustainable, then you’ve already taken your first step in helping the earth. Making small changes such as turning off lights, and setting your heating to a timer can really help make a difference. We have a blog post which explains how you can be more sustainable, check it out here for more tips. 

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