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Product Review: Meet Koi

Meet Koi, the latest eco-friendly vibrator here at Love Not War, a full-headed wand vibrator that proves that petite can be powerful. Small in stature but packing a punch with four intensity settings, seven different vibration modes and deep rumbly vibrations that, combined with the large head, penetrate the body deep causing toe-curling pleasure.


Like all of our eco-friendly vibrators at Love Not War, Koi is delivered in recyclable, discreet packaging alongside a USB charging cable and a bamboo bag for storage. When you first use the vibrator, ensure to charge it first for 2 full hours to enjoy Koi to its full potential. 

Koi is made from body-safe silicone and the battery body is made from recycled aluminium, made with a gorgeous grey finish with the flexible head allows for better movability when using the vibrator. The flat, fuller head, compared to the majority of rounded wands on the market, allows for stimulation to a larger surface area across the vulva and clit, nipples. Not only that, the Koi can be used on the rest of the body, acting as a body massager for neck tension. The Koi is a sex toy that truly meets all your needs.

At Love Not War, we aim to make sex-toys that are not only eco-friendly, but also intuitive to the needs to of the users. From easy charging and cleaning, to its small stature (the smallest wand vibrator around at a miniature 6 inches) combined with the easy to access button on the bottom makes our Koi vibrator easy to use during both solo and mutual masturbation sessions.The flatter head of the wand vibrator also allows for you to either use it directly on the clitoris or, if that is too intense, use the top of the head to aim the vibrations across the clitoris, vulva, and labia.

Read The Reviews:

Obviously at Love Not War, we are biased on how good the Koi wand vibrator is, so don’t just take it from us, below we have collected reviews from some of the leading sexual health and sex toy bloggers and content creators:

Satisfied Kat said:

“With the multiple speed functions, I found that it is the perfect toy for when you want a night unlocking your inner sensuality, you can run it over your body and focus on other erogenous zones like thighs, nipples and even your neck or back and slowly build up sensations and power, unlocking your arousal slowly and allowing you to work yourself up to heights of pleasure.”

Being the Little Spoon said: 

“I am delighted to report that the Koi packs a ton of power in its tiny package of with the delicious rumbly kick that I look for when selecting a clitoral vibrator.”

She Explores Life, had this to say about using the Koi during partnered sex: 

“I absolutely love using the Koi Wand during partner play. Watching my partner explore my pleasure zones, including my nipples, inner thighs, clit, labia, and vulva is incredible. But I also love that I can use the Koi on my clit in almost any position while having sex with a partner.”

Claire Wilkenson described how powerful the vibrations in Koi were:

“I do have to admit that after the first time I used the Koi, my usual trusty purple wand was quickly forgotten about. I was fooled into thinking that this little vibe was going to be less powerful, but I am very happy to say I was wrong.”

Venus O’Hara gave us an orgasmic review, saying:

“Super powerful orgasms thanks to the strong, deep rumbly motor. The flexible neck and the elongated head are in contact with the clitoral glans, the entrance of the vagina and the labia, where the internal parts of the clitoris are. Guaranteed to ‘wake up’ your entire vulva.”

The reviews are in and as you can see, we at Love Not war deliver on our promise of delivering a powerful, eco-friendly vibrator. Small but mighty, our Koi vibrator packs a punch! Koi is perfect whether you are playing the long game or fancy a quickie!

N.B - Other great reviews to check out, include Scottyunfamous on Instagram. For more reviews, you can check out our Instagram Stories as well.

Written by Katrina Fairhurst



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