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Bored of regular silicone sex toys? Try our WORLD FIRST and EXCLUSIVE collection of NeoSilicone sex toys, the only range compatible with silicone lube!



We understand choosing the right toy for you can be a little confusing. So we have carefully curated a collection of bundles of love that we think is a good place to start. These bundles include a love. not war. Power of Love Battery Base and heads that you can interchange with the battery base and safely use with silicone lube.

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At love. not war. we have spent two years developing a collection of sustainable sex toys that doesn’t compromise on design or quality. Our vibrators provide pleasure in a variety of vibrational patterns and pulses, and can be used in a number of ways and compatible with silicone lube. Who says sustainability isn’t sexy?

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Why have one head when you can have all the heads? Our beautifully and thoughtfully designed heads are all compatible with our one universal love. not war. Power of Love Battery Base. One battery base fits all! Made with our unique NeoSilicone™ formula, our heads can now be used with silicone lube. Body safe and waterproof!

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love. not war. vibrators, made from NeoSilicone™, is the only range compatible with silicone lube, that is what makes it so special and that is why we recommend Überlube... Instead of just being slippery, it is designed to transfer sensation while reducing friction. It also feels amazingly silky and performs as long as you’re using it.

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