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Caring for your Sex Toy

So, you have bought your first sex toy… that’s great! As you embark on learning how to use it, exploring your body and the many types of pleasure you gain...

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The History of Sex Toys

The benefits of masturbation have been proven to help with sleeping and stress and also just genuinely help to make your day that little bit brighter. To keep the spark...

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Erotic Fiction: Mia's Men

Mia tasted whiskey on Thomas’s lips, as he no doubt did on hers, and she found that she didn’t want to stop kissing him. She’d only planned it to be...

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Help! Why Can't I Orgasm?

Before we start into anything here, we want you to know that orgasms are not the be all and end all of sexual play and shouldn’t be the goal in...

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How to Choose Your First Vibrator

Over the last couple of years, conversations around masturbating and sex have become more and more common. With Gen Z and younger Millennials adopting a more pleasure-based view to sex...

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