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Why masturbation should be a part of your self-care routine

It’s time we talk about the benefits of solo play. In the past, masturbation has often been seen as a taboo, or something only single, or desperate people do. However, this isn’t the case and is something that we at Love Not War believe needs challenging. 

Masturbation is a natural act that should be explored and enjoyed by all and comes with many benefits as well! Keeping your mind and vulva healthy, masturbation is an important part of self-care. Let’s explore the main health benefits for why you should be adding masturbation to your self-care routine!

Makes you Happier

Masturbation doesn’t need to be about orgasms, but it is the perfect way to explore new sensations and help you relax. Masturbating and having an orgasm releases ‘happy’ chemicals in the brain such as Dopamine, Oxytocin and Endorphins which can help you have a more positive outlook. In fact, the release of these chemicals has the added benefit of making you less stressed and can even help with relieving you temporarily from any mental health struggles you may have, as it helps you to relax!

Eases Pains

From mild headaches to menstrual cramps, masturbation and the release of your happy chemicals can be a natural pain relief. Maybe next time you feel a headache coming on, reach for your Maya bullet vibrator instead of the paracetamol! 

Helps you sleep

Studies have found that masturbating before bed can help you achieve a better night’s sleep, if your masturbation session ends in an orgasm the release of serotonin in the brain helps to boost the body’s REM cycle, ensuring you get a deep sleep and wake up feeling rested.

Benefits of a good night’s sleep include healthy skin, better moods, concentration and help with stress. So next time you’re finding it hard to drop off, why not enjoy a quick 20-min masturbation session?

Healthy vulva, happy you

Masturbation helps keep your vagina healthy in between sex. Regular masturbation sessions keeps blood flowing to the labia and vulva which helps with retaining elasticity and allowing you to get wet, which for vulva owners acts as a natural lubricant. For older people experiencing the menopause, masturbating regularly also allows the vulva to stop shrinking as the muscles are still being used, stopping vaginal dryness which can be uncomfortable. Masturbation also keeps the vaginal floor strong and healthy, especially when orgasm is achieved due to the muscle contractions that take place during an orgasm.

Confidence building

Alongside the many physical and mental health benefits, masturbation should also be a part of your self-care routine for the simple reason that it boosts confidence in several ways:

Firstly, it is only through self-exploration that you will learn what you enjoy. During sex, communicating this to a partner can be an awkward subject, however when you are on your own there is no pressure to perform or communicate with a partner. By masturbating you can take your time and learn your body in your own time and build your sexual confidence.

Sex is better

By knowing what you like through masturbation and building up your own confidence, you can communicate with your partner what you like, making sex more fun and enjoyable.

Allows you to explore pleasure in new ways

Alongside building a stronger pelvic floor, masturbation can also help people who have pelvic floor issues or vaginismus, which causes penetrative sex, either solo or with a partner, to be painful. It can make many sufferers shy away from masturbating or sex in general. 

However, by masturbating and learning your body, not only do you build up your confidence during sex, but you can also learn new ways to experience pleasure outside of the usual ideas of penetrative sex. It allows you to get creative and learn new ways to turn yourself on and experience new sensations as you focus on different areas of your body like your nipples, labia and clit.

Because it feels f***king good!

Alongside all the benefits above another important reason to masturbate is because it feels good! When you create a self-care routine you only add things that you enjoy doing, so why should this not be the same?

So next time you’re waiting for your face mask to dry when doing your weekly self-care routine, why not use this time to whip out your favourite vibrator or if you prefer the ‘old- fashioned’ way, use your hands. At Love Not War we have a range of eco-friendly vibrators that are perfect additions to your masturbation routine. 

Written By Katrina Fairhurst



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