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Finding your Erotic Blueprint...

We’ve been seeing the term ‘Erotic Blueprint’ thrown around a lot recently, so we wanted to get to the bottom of what it actually is, and we are SO glad we did. Have you heard of it before? If not, read on, it’s interesting!


Your erotic blueprint is your own map of turn on’s. Think of it as a language, an arousal language. Everyone has one, whether they know it or not, no matter how sexually active they are! The blueprint has positives and negatives to it, and the more you know about your own, the more in-tune you will be to your sexual desires. But don’t worry, knowing your erotic blueprint will help you combat the negatives too!

Each and every person fits into one of 5 sexual blueprints, and they are: 


Sensual: This is someone who is turned on by all of their senses being ignited. Someone who loves tastes, smells, feathers. They want the scene to be picture perfect, like art.  The ‘superpower’, if you will, of sensual lovers is that they have full-body access to orgasmic pleasure through sensations—it isn’t always a genital-focused orgasm. It could be something like somebody lighting a candle and eating chocolate off your back, yum. (Even if we’re not sensual lovers, we wouldn’t turn this down…).

Energetic: This is someone who is turned on by anticipation, teasing. Leaving you wanting more - ooh la la. Do you feel everything *down there* before the kiss has even happened? If so, you’re an energetic lover! You are very, very sensitive and it doesn’t take much to turn you on, which is great at times, but can be annoying right? Like come on, I'm in a work meeting. There’s a time and a place. 

Sexual: So this is essentially mainstream porn. Nudity, genitals, screaming orgasms, penetration, to name a few things. Similarly to an energetic lover, it’s easy to turn a sexual lover on. However it can go from 0-100 real quick. However, energetic lovers love the tension, the *knowing* that something is going to happen, sexual lovers are more ‘let’s get straight to it, right now’, you know? They know what works for them and they aren’t afraid to tell people.

Kinky: A kinky lover is someone who is turned on by the ‘taboo’. Now, kinky lovers are almost split into two. One is psychological, so there is usually a dominant and a submissive, there is power in the play. The other is more sensational, using toys, feeling ropes, whips, impact. 

Shapeshifter: To me, this is the most interesting, a shapeshifter is all of the above. Depending on their mood or sexual partner(s), they can be anything. This calls for a great lover, as they can be kinky, sensual, you name it. A shapeshifter will help their sexual partner(s) feel at ease, by shape-shifting into whatever gets the other going, and it doesn’t matter to them, as they get turned on by lots of things!



Now, I say the downside, but that’s not strictly true. Knowing your ‘shadow’ is just as important as knowing your blueprint, so that you can communicate what you don’t like, and work towards this with yourself or your partner(s).

Sensual’s shadow: The shadow side of the sensual is getting caught in your head. It’s feeling like everything HAS to be perfect, and if it isn’t they won’t be able to fully enjoy themselves. To many this may not seem like an issue but to sensual lovers, it may distract them from the ‘full-body’ experience. To combat this, it may help a sensual lover to find a sexual lover, someone that wants to get straight to it. This may sweep them off their feet and help them to realise that the room doesn’t have to be perfect to have a good time! 

Energetic’s shadow: Energetic’s love the feeling of anticipation and teasing, however if the excitement goes, they may be put off the experience. Now this can lead people to calling energetic’s ‘frigid’ but this isn’t the case at ALL. Sometimes there’s just so much stimulation that they shut down almost, and that’s okay! They just need to find a lover that will help combat this or manage their expectations. If you’re throwing giant boulders in the water over and over and over again, it’s too much for the energetic. They just need a pebble to ripple. 

Sexual’s shadow: The problem with sexual’s shadow is having goal orientated sex, and that goal being an orgasm. However this may limit their enjoyment. They are missing the journey as they are too focused on the end result. Sometimes their partner may want to enjoy the ride and shift the narrative, so it’s then up to sexual lovers to understand this and focus less on that screaming-O.

Kinky’s: The shadow side for the kinky type is tied to the sense that what turns you on is taboo. This can make them feel shameful about what turns them on. If they hear or see someone shaming what they like, this could make them feel as if what they are doing is wrong. This can stop them from experiencing the pleasure that they deserve. A kinky lover should find another kinky lover so that they can have frank discussions about what they like and explore each other's fantasies with no judgement. 

Shapeshifter’s shadow: For the shapeshifter, they can often feel like they’re too much. Others may not understand that they can be stimulated by so much, whereas others may not. There can be a hunger for more, and it can be exhausting to a shapeshifter.

You may want to experiment with different toys to get used to your blueprint and body mapping,

or even just starting out with a feather or some food, and figure out if you find it pleasurable or not. This doesn’t even have to be sexual, right now, if you’re wearing socks, if you hate the feel of them on your feet, then you’re probably not a sensual lover. You can take this and use it for any blueprint, if the thought of going straight into something without doing a bit of preparation scares you, then you’re not a sexual lover, but in the future, you may love the spontaneity of it all and feel that you’re becoming more sexual. I think it’s important to find out your own erotic blueprint, as you can open up in ways you haven't before.

For example, I’m a ‘sensual’ type, but I would have guessed myself as energetic. So maybe in the future I’ll light that candle or make sure the perfect playlist is ready to go. I may even get a jar of nutella… I may find that I’m pleasantly surprised, and have opened up to a whole new world of pleasure. You don’t necessarily belong to one blueprint, but it’s important to map it out in order to communicate this and experience your sexuality to the fullest. 

Now you’ve had a rundown of the 5 blueprints, do you think you know what yours is? If not, don't worry there’s a quiz!

(I had to do one too, I'm a sensual type if anyone is interested 😉).




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