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Sustainability and sex: What makes LOVE NOT WAR truly sustainable?

It’s no secret that sustainability and sex don’t often go hand in hand. 

However, given how in recent years, the conversation around sustainability has transcended traditional industries and has started to find its way into the world of pleasure products, we at LOVE NOT WAR are committed to challenging the industry norms in a bid to see it do better. 

It's estimated that the sex toy industry contributes 222.9 million tonnes of waste annually in the UK alone with the disposal of sex toys can be particularly problematic. This is mostly due to the fact that the majority of them are being made with materials that aren’t easily recyclable and then  often find their way into landfills. 

So what makes LOVE NOT WAR different from the rest?

Having spent decades in the industry and seeing first-hand how wasteful sex toys can be, LOVE NOT WAR founders knew there had to be a better alternative. So they set out to create environmentally friendly toys that are built to last.

Design and Materials

At LOVE NOT WAR, we design all of our toys in two parts, a battery base (known as the ‘Power of Love’) and a head. This means that the one battery base is interchangeable with all of the heads in our range, allowing you to easily switch up your toy when you fancy a change without needing to buy a completely new one. From an essential Bullet Vibe, to a G-Spot Stimulator, we have everything you need  to mix up your self-love routine easier than ever. Our two part product model also helps to reduce material waste, and energy-consumption. It’s a win-win! 

At LOVE NOT WAR we also utilise recycled aluminium when we are creating our toys ( Fun fact: it takes just 3 recycled coke cans to generate enough aluminium to create one of our MAYA heads!) All of our packaging is also plastic-free and FSC approved, and we use soy ink and eco glue where possible.


Something else that sets us apart in the industry is the fact that all of our toys are produced in our custom-built, green powered factory. We work continuously there to monitor our energy use, water consumption and waste production in a bid to reduce or repurpose wherever we can.

Repair and Recycle

We know that even the highest quality of products can wear over time. That’s why we’ve made a promise to do our best to repair toys if you have any trouble with them.  And if we can’t repair your toy, we’ll happily recycle it for you back into our factory. 

One Tree Planted

We’ve partnered with One Tree Planted, a non-profit organisation on a mission to create a healthier climate by planting more trees. By doing so we are also helping to protect biodiversity, and help towards reforestation efforts. Through this scheme we plant one tree for every single LOVE NOT WAR purchase that is made. 

Carbon Zero Goal

We’re not perfect (yet) but it’s one of our aims to become carbon neutral. We’re working regularly with sustainability experts to look at areas we can improve on.

At LOVE NOT WAR we consider ourselves more than just a brand; we are championing a movement to redefine what sustainability means in the world of pleasure products. With a commitment to ethical sourcing, eco-friendly production practices, durability, recycling, and advocacy, we are aiming to set new standards for an industry that has often been associated with disposability and secrecy. 

Watch this space…



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