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Finding Green Flags in a Partner

The term ‘Red Flag’ is something that gets thrown around a lot in the dating world, especially since the rise of dating apps. It’s become a huge talking point when...

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Kink vs Fetishes

At Love Not War, it’s no secret that we are big advocates of sex and sustainability and that they go hand in hand, just look at our range of eco-friendly...

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How to watch porn ethically

Mainstream porn is often criticised for being focused on the heteronormative male gaze and its depiction of unrealistic and often violent sex, one type of feminine body, fake orgasms and the fetishisation...

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Love Not War is celebrating!

It’s been a good week for Love Not War as earlier this week we received our FOURTH award win this year with the Marie-Claire Sustainability Awards naming us the ‘Best...

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Have some Pride: Queering up sex toys

When we normally discuss the use of sex toys and vibrators it is normally discussed within the heteronormative gaze of different-sex couple play or masturbation by cis-gendered vulva owners. As we enter...

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The Benefits of Lube

Often when buying a sex toy or vibrator or even condoms, lube tends to be something that gets overlooked in the preparation process. Treated like a dirty secret in the...

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A beginners guide to mutual masturbation.

What is mutual masturbation?Mutual masturbation actually has two definitions: masturbating yourselves in the company of each other, or doing hand stuff to each other. Here, we’re talking about masturbating yourselves,...

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