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Love Not War is celebrating!

It’s been a good week for Love Not War as earlier this week we received our FOURTH award win this year with the Marie-Claire Sustainability Awards naming us the ‘Best Sustainable Sex Toy Brand!’ 

The Marie Claire Annual Sustainability Awards aim to celebrate brands, organisations, and products that are genuinely implementing change and building a better tomorrow with judge Hannah Cox picking Love Not War as the winner of this award because of the innovative way we’re bringing sustainability to a new market.

This latest award follows our other recent accolades including our Gold iF Award, our Red Dot Award perhaps our most precious award yet, the ‘Oscar’ of the eco-conscious world, a Green Product Award! 

Awards such as this one is not only a massive achievement for us professionally but it also acts as a great testament to our efforts in the field of sustainability. It means people see the true value in finding eco-friendly and sustainable sex toy options. People are both excited and intrigued by the prospect of a sex toy that is not only able to offer them pleasure but also takes the planet into consideration

We are so incredibly proud of the entire LOVE NOT WAR range. All of our products are designed and created in our own custom-built, green-powered factory, with them all also being waterproof, and rechargeable. 

Over the last while, we’ve also really ramped up our efforts to find solutions to help make our industry greener. For example the notorious difficulty of repairing any damaged sex toys. It’s virtually impossible due to the structure of most sex toys meaning that to actually get into the battery part you have to destroy the head rendering the product unusable. To help with this, we at Love Not War create all of our products in two parts that are detachable and interchangeable with one another. This not only means that repairing the toy is easier, but it also means that the consumer only needs to purchase one battery base that they can then use with all the interchangeable heads in our range. It’s a win-win! 

This removable heads component has been one of the main contributing factors we believe to setting us apart from other manufacturers in the industry and it is what has led to so many award wins for Love Not War in such a short space of time. 

From the very beginning when we first launched in 2021, we made the commitment to not only creating products that would give people the pleasure they deserve but also creating products in the most sustainable and eco-conscious way possible. 

Receiving these awards and getting this recognition from our industry peers in this way, is proof that our goal is most certainly becoming a reality.

We honestly can’t wait to continue growing our brand and working with other like minded, sustainable partners to bring all of our consumers the pleasure you truly deserve!



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