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Nipple Orgasms, have you had one?

At Love Not War, we are firm believers in the pleasure revolution and to experience pleasure to the max, we need to move outside of understanding pleasure as something to be achieved only through our vulva or penis. To fully achieve pleasure we need to stimulate our senses, our minds, and our nipples! 

For many people, having nipples played with is a huge turn on, and it helps bring added pleasure during sex and masturbation. Thanks to their heightened sensitivity, they are additional erogenous zones on our bodies, but did you know that with enough stimulation they can also help you to achieve an orgasm without needing your vulva or penis stimulated? 

What is a Nipple Orgasm? 

When we talk about sex and orgasms we tend to focus on the vulva, clitoris, or penis. However, it is important to remember that these aren't the only erogenous zones on the body. Our breasts and nipples, like the vulva and penis, become sensitive during arousal and can even, temporarily, grow up to 25% due to arousal, much like how the vulva and outer lips increase in size due to the blood flow and nerve endings expanding as you get more aroused. Because of this, they are perfect for pleasure play. 

The nipple orgasm is often talked about as a sexual myth, but it is a very real thing that can be achieved. Because of the nerve endings in the breast, areola, and nipple area, many of us enjoy the sensations of nipple play during foreplay, masturbation and sex. A recent study found that 82% of women and 52% of men admitted to becoming more aroused when their nipples were played with during sex. 

The nerve endings in our nipple and breast area are tuned to the same place in the brain as the rest of our sexual organs, the hypothalamus, which when stimulated releases oxytocin throughout the body. So, what is a nipple orgasm? This is when the nipples and their nerve endings are stimulated so much that they fire back to the hypothalamus in our brain, that recognises pleasure, and causes pleasurable contractions in our genitals - especially in the vulva - that we feel during orgasm. 

Like with all orgasms, the intensity of a nipple orgasm can depend on the person. Many who have had a nipple orgasm have reported them to be anything from soft and fluttery feeling to intense and mind-blowing. 

How can you achieve a Nipple Orgasm? 

Like achieving a clitoral or G-spot orgasm, there are multiple ways that you partake in nipple play, and while they may not lead to an orgasm, they are great ways to cause intense pleasure and get to know your body.

How much force you use on the area is dependent on your sensitivity and what you enjoy. You may find that you don't need to stimulate the areas too much, as you are sensitive. Or, for many reasons, you may find you need additional stimulation or more pressure applied to the area if you are not as sensitive. Below we have looked at some easy ways you can play with your nipples and, potentially, achieve a nipple orgasm. 

Firstly you can use your hands, try softly cupping the breasts and rubbing the areola and nipple first, before building up firmness. Flick, twist, pinch and pull the nipples to see what works for you and what doesn't. You may find that if you have sensitive nipples, you don't need much to help stimulate the area. 

For some additional sensation, why not browse sex toys that can be used on the nipples, like MEILE? We have talked about sensation play in previous articles. For example, adding an ice cube, your mouth or body safe candle wax to alternate between different temperatures on the nipple and breast area? These cause the nerve endings to contract and can make them more sensitive to touch, adding to the pleasure or causing sensitivity during foreplay as you get ready to try and bring yourself or your partner to orgasm from your nipples alone!

Can Sex Toys help? 

Of course! For additional help or more intense sensations, vibrators are also great sex toys to use in the area and offer new ways to stimulate and pleasure yourself from head to toe, or from nipple to vulva in this case. 

Using a wand vibrator around the breast, areola and nipple area on yourself or a partner can be a fun way to create new sensations and help ramp up arousal, making a nipple orgasm possible. 

Our eco-friendly vibrator MEILE, has a ballpoint tip for a more focused form of stimulation on the clit, also perfect for nipple play. 

When using a sex toy on your nipples it is up to you if you want to use lube or not but for added sensation, you could always try using a cooling or heating lube alongside the highest vibrations on your sex toy. 

So, next time you're looking to spice things up in the bedroom, whether partnered or on your own why not focus your pleasure on your nipples instead? 

Written by Katrina Fairhurst 



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