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Is it weird to gift a Sex Toy?

What do you get the friend that has everything? Or a friend who may be recently single, going through menopause, or simply in need? A vibrator, duh! Of course we’re going to be huge advocates of gifting sex toys, as we provide them, but we want to delve into sex toy gifting, and whether or not it’s weird or suggestive…

Gifting your friend a sex toy may seem weird, or daunting. There’s a chance that they could think, why on earth do they think I need this, but look at it like this, how would you feel if a friend got you one? I’d be over the moon! They don’t have to know all the little details, how it felt, when and how you used it, right? Although, we are lucky enough to be growing up in a world where ‘taboo’ subjects are being challenged, and people are having open and honest discussions about their sex lives, whether that be partnered or solo.

If you do want to give the gift of self love this Christmas, or for your friend's birthday, here are a couple of tips that may take the weight off your shoulders slightly! 


Keep it simple! 

You never know, this could be their first toy, so maybe start with a clitoral wand or massager. These are almost beginner toys, that help you find out what you love, but are also great for partnered sex too! Unless you know your friend well, and know exactly what they like, it’s better to play it safe, don’t start out with ropes or intimidating toys as it may put them off completely. And remember, just because you like something, doesn’t mean they will too! 

Expand their knowledge

Here at Love Not War, we want to make sure not just our customers, but everyone is equipped with the knowledge they need to find self pleasure. So maybe direct them to our blog! Let them know that we have guides on partnered sex, solo sex, bath sex, quiet sex, the lot! Maybe tell them how you use yours? We know everybody is different and everyone has a preference, but it doesn’t hurt to give a little advice.

Be mindful of their surroundings

You know the scene in How I Met Your Mother, when Robin gifts Lilly a vibrator whilst everyone else has given her ‘normal’ gifts? Did you cringe? Well you don’t want that to be you right? Make sure to tell them not to open it infront of family members, or maybe even other friends. You want them to feel comfortable with this gift, so maybe ensure it’s just you two, or even tell them to open it alone! 

Let them choose

We offer gift cards for this specific reason. People may want to choose their own vibrator, and that’s fine! You can’t be offended if you buy someone such a personal item and they don’t think they will use it. With a gift card, at least they can browse the range and buy something that looks enjoyable to them. 

Finally, don’t gift a vibrator as a joke

We’re aware that the standard ‘gag/joke’ gift is something sexual, a dildo or handcuffs or naughty dice, and whilst this is funny for a hen-do or secret santa, there’s nothing funny about self pleasure. Here at Love Not War we promote sexual wellness and pleasure and feel that it’s not something that should be shamed or laughed at. It’s an intimate experience. 

Overall, we think it’s a great gift! But you must consider their feelings, and whether they would perceive this as a nice gift, or a bit strange…



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