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Top Tips for Bathtub Masturbation

At LOVE NOT WAR we believe wholeheartedly in the many benefits of masturbation. We also know that in the past it’s often been seen as a bit of taboo that shouldn’t be ever talked about openly. A mindset that we’re happy to say is starting to slip into the past. Masturbation is a completely natural act that should be explored and enjoyed by all. It also comes with many benefits including better sleep and keeping both your mind and your vulva healthy. In simple terms masturbation is an important part of self-care. 

Most people chose to masturbate either in bed or in the shower. The reasons for which are pretty obvious, however another really great place to enjoy some solo play is in the bathtub. Taking a bath should not only be an extremely relaxing activity, it also tends to leave you feeling clean and refreshed so therefore it’s only natural to take things that one step further.

Below is LOVE NOT WAR’s full guide to bathtub masturbation and making the most from the experience. 

Set the mood

Just like any sexual encounter, whether with a partner or alone, it’s often a good idea to set the mood. Draw the bath to your desired temperature, light some candles, use some bubble bath, pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy the process. You deserve to romance yourself just as you would a partner so make sure to make the effort. 

Use the tools around you 

When masturbating in the bath you have the added bonus of being able to use water to stimulate your vulva or clitorus without making a mess. If your bathtub comes with a showerhead or if not, using the faucet is a great option. Position yourself under either one of them comfortably, get the temperature right and allow the water pressure to do its thing. It is however important not to let the water flow directly into your vagina, doing so might upset your vagina’s delicate pH balance. 

Use a vibrator 

While the faucet or showerhead can be really great, there is no comparison for using a vibrator. At LOVE NOT WAR all of our products are completely waterproof so they can be easily and safely enjoyed while being completely submerged in water. 

Bring a partner with you

While masturbation is usually a solo act, it can also be really fun to invite someone in on the action and the bathtub is a great place to do this. Draw enough water for you, slide over and welcome a partner in who can either watch you, help you or join in on the fun with some mutual masturbationWant to spice things up further? Consider introducing some toys into the mix. For instance, Maya offers temperature play and clitoral stimulation, while Liebe provides G-Spot action. With the right company and accessories, your bath time escapades are sure to reach new heights of pleasure!

Enjoy yourself! 

Above all else, masturbation is meant to be fun so wherever you decide to do it, don’t forget to enjoy yourself…



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