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A Sustainable New Year’s Resolution That’s Easy to Keep!

‘New Year, New You’, as the famous saying goes, but this year, why don’t we change things up a bit? How does ‘New Year, Better Sustainable Sex’ sound?

Every year, as January 1st rolls around, no matter what our year has seen, we’re all usually full of good intentions. From fitness and healthy eating to taking up a new hobby, New Year resolutions are on everyone’s mind.

However, research shows that only a quarter of us who make them actually keep them and 22% of people ditch their New Year’s resolutions just six days into January.

Our advice, find a resolution that’s easy to keep. Like how about committing to only having sustainable orgasms in 2022? 

At Love Not War we are keen to help everyone nail those New Year resolutions (and their partners) in style this year, with our top tips to having a successful, sexy and sustainable 2022.


Be kind to the earth while looking sexy

Lingerie is usually a frequent staple for many of us in the bedroom and with a growing number of ethical and sustainable clothing brands coming to the market that respect both people and the planet, purchasing suitable lingerie is the perfect way to ensure you look and feel sexy while also being sustainable. 

Why not find a brand that is ethically sourced, organically made and uses recycled packaging. Some ethical clothing brands include Organic Basics, Cosabella and Pact.


Be kind to the earth while being prepared

If you’re planning a sexy night in the bedroom, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re prepared by purchasing some lubricant and condoms. Two items that can often prove quite difficult to get right when you’re trying to be sustainable. It's therefore important to find a condom brand that is cruelty-free and considerately made. A great option for this is ​​Hero Condoms, an eco condom brand that's products are 100% electronically tested, paraben-free and vegan friendly.


Be kind to the earth while feeling good

If you want to have a sustainable orgasm, then a sustainable vibrator is a good option.

We are a British eco-friendly sex toy company that currently has seven products available in the range. All made from predominantly recycled and recyclable materials in our custom-built, green-powered factory, our fully waterproof and rechargeable vibrators also come with interchangeable heads, meaning that one battery base is needed for all the heads making multiple products in one. 

Good luck with 2022 and remember “We don't need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly”.



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