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A Guide to Eco-Friendly Sex Toys: How to Tell if Your Sex Toy is Sustainable

Love not War was born out of a desire to make eco-friendly vibrators that are good for both you and the planet.

From the sustainable materials, right down to the FSC packaging, we are leading the charge in the eco-friendly sex toy world, but many other brands are still slow to change and it can be hard to tell if your sex toy is even body-safe let alone earth safe.

So how can can you tell if your sex toy is eco-friendly?

Embrace plastic-free toys

When making eco-friendly choices, the materials you buy matter. Are they made from plastic? Can you recycle the item once you have finished with it? Will the material last long? What is the carbon footprint of the item? These same considerations should be applied when picking a vibrator or sex toy. 

With glass, silicone, wood, and metal sex toys becoming more and more popular, there are more choices for sustainable sex toys.

At Love Not War we have embraced plastic-free, with each of our vibrators being crafted out of body-safe FDA-graded silicone and recycled aluminium.

Embracing plastic-free shouldn’t just be limited to your vibrator either, another consideration should be the type of packaging that your sex toys come in. Is it wrapped in single-use plastic? Does it come with a plastic insert? Is it packed with bubble wrap or polystyrene chips (which is not recyclable or biodegradable)? Is the packing coated in a plastic film?

At Love Not War, we didn't stop at making just sustainable sex toys, we made sure our packaging is as eco-friendly as possible too. We use only natural and eco-friendly FSC approved brown cardboard, which needs less energy and water to make. Plus, we use eco-friendly soy ink for the text on the packaging and eco-friendly glue too; making sure that both your clit and the planet will thank you for using our environmentally friendly sex toys and vibrators.


Now that you have decided to explore a plastic-free sex life, another consideration is how do you power your sex toy? For dildos and other non-electrical sex toys it is an easy, eco-friendly option – it's all in the wrist!

But for those of us that enjoy the added buzz in our sex life, we need to look at what options there are.

Many sex toys today come with a rechargeable battery. Which on the one hand is great, but on the other hand, can be tricky to dispose of if your toy breaks. Plus if you're like us and like to have several sex toy options for all your different moods – such as a discreet little bullet sex toy or a clitoral vibrator, your collection of toys and their batteries can start to stack up.

At Love Not War, we knew it was important to find a solution so we created a family of eco-friendly vibrators that only need one electrical body for the entire range. Meaning you only need one battery for all of our toys! And should something ever happen to your toy we can repair it and if that's not an option it makes it easier to recycle. An easy, environmentally friendly sex toy option if you ask us!


Sadly, even the best sex toys have a life cycle! So how do you say goodbye to a trusted friend without adding to landfill waste? If you have been following the previous steps and choose a sustainable option, then recycling your vibrator and sex toy is possible.

Although it can feel embarrassing taking your re-useable tote bag to the electrical recycling drop off point it needs to be done! (a tip to feel less embarrassed: wear a dark jacket, glasses and fake moustache so no one will recognise you!) Before you do however, always check the instructions on your packaging as they will usually tell you what parts are 100% recyclable and what parts you need to throw in your everyday waste.

If throwing away your sex toy makes you feel embarrassed, there are options to do this without having to worry about your neighbours seeing you. We accept all of our products back to recycle, though we are confident they will have a long, long life! 


You can also check to see if the store you bought your toy from offers a recycling option, like LoveHoney’s (where you can get the full Love not War vibrator range) Rabbit Amnesty.

Alongside the vibrator itself, also remember to recycle your batteries! Many shops and local councils themselves will collect batteries to recycle them on your behalf.

Research the brand

Finally, the best way to make sure you are buying sustainable sex toys is to research the company you are buying from.

Where do they make their eco-friendly sex toys? Do they offer a recycling option? What materials do they use? Do they have clear sustainable goals on their website or are they making steps towards reducing their carbon footprint and trying to reach carbon net-zero?

These are all questions you should be considering to ensure your eco-friendly sex life is taking the right steps towards a greener and environmentally conscious lifestyle.

At Love Not War, we own our own factory and power it using hydroelectric sources and we have an ethos to only work with brands that are sustainably focused.

We have created a range of high-quality eco-friendly vibrators and shown that it is possible but we are always trying to improve. 

Going Sustainable is a journey that you can achieve for yourself in all aspects of your life, both inside and outside the bedroom. With Love Not War, we know that our vibrators are eco-friendly and recyclable, allowing you to enjoy guilt-free pleasure as you make love and not war.

By Katrina Fairhurst



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