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Turning that 'O' Green - An Intro to Love Not War

In 2018 Forbes found that 51% of people believe that their actions make a difference. In 2021 from re-useable straws to thrifting and recycling our clothes to shopping from local shops, we are all making little changes in our lives to go that little bit greener and be more sustainable. The idea of leaving the planet in a better way for the future has become a way of life.

With all of us trying to do our part for the planet, it is no shock that this ‘green movement’ has also entered the sexual wellness and sex-tech industry.

Sustainable Sex?

With a love of great design and over 20 years of experience working at Je Joue, owners Rob and Will, created Love Not War. Wanting to create a great brand that was customer-focused and delivered it’s promise of well-designed sex toys, Love Not War was born.

Taking their passion towards making the world a better, greener place they wanted to make sure that Love Not War was sustainable from production to packaging. Noticing that there was still a gap in the Sex Toy industry towards sustainable options, compared to other industries that had embraced the greener way of life, Love Not War was always intended to be sustainable brand, turning that ‘o’ green and helping everyone embrace a sustainable and eco-friendly sex life.

With people caring more and more about what they buy and how they can help mother earth, this is where we come in! At Love not War, we have created a growing collection of vibes that are not only body safe but also sustainable and eco-friendly without compromising on powerful vibrations.

Each of our toys are made from FDA grade silicone and body safe recycled aluminium. With whatever plastic used being recycled at the factory.

The main aluminium body house the electrical component of the toy and is rechargeable as we know how bad batteries are for the planet! By making the heads interchangeable we have also made it so only 1 body is needed as you mix-and-match the collection to ensure you get the most out of your pleasure. Saving both the planet and space in your toy drawer!!!

Even our packaging is Sustainable, with the box and info cards being made from Recycled card, and each toy comes with a tencel bag and is designed to be re-used not thrown away.

Although there is still much to be done within the industry it cannot be denied that there has been a shift in manufacturers creating products that have a more sustainable impact on the planet. From a shift to rechargeable products and biodegradable materials, to vegan lubes and non-latex condoms, going green and being sustainable is no longer just a way out of life outside of the bedroom but encompasses all parts of our day-to-day.

Make Love … Not War!

With the last few years feeling bleak it’s hard to always focus on the happier things in life. That’s where Love not war came from, to look at the more positive things in life and enjoy yourself as you do! The name Love not War is as much a call to make action as it is an ethos to live by.

An ethos that has been carried over into our products with each being named love in a different language. With them being able to be used both as solo and in a couple. Love not War toys share the love with everyone!

We listened to the people and looked deeply into what they desired…………now more than ever, consumers want great products, great quality and a sustainable approach to materials and manufacturing.

In Love Not War we answered that call.

Written By Katrina Fairhurst



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