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Spicing up your Halloween

Interested in spicing things up this spooky-season? Here at LOVE NOT WAR we’ve put together some super sexy Halloween ideas to keep you screaming throughout the night! 


Who doesn’t love dressing up? Why not use Halloween as the perfect opportunity to take part in some roleplay activities? From naughty nurses to devils and angels, there are plenty of Halloween costume ideas that could work in the bedroom. For some added fun why not incorporate some trick-or-treating into the mix? One of you knocks on the door and ask’s “trick-or-treat?” and depending on the answer, you can have a sexy surprise for your partner.

Watch spooky porn 

Watching porn, either on your own or with a partner, is not something new but it can be made spooky, with a Halloween twist. Why not look for spoof porn of a popular Halloween film? 

With the vast number of ethical porn sites, you can find something that caters to your needs and kinks.

We recommend (the most ethical porn site out there) to gather ideas for how to incorporate BDSM into your sex life. Or why not be a voyeur and watch real-life sex over at Make Love Not Porn from the safety of your bedroom. Or, if watching porn isn’t your thing, why not listen to some monster-themed erotic literature? Audio porn is a great way to help fuel your fantasy, as you masturbate and insert yourself in the story.

Food play 

Sweets are a huge part of Halloween so why not try bringing them into the bedroom?

Get some edible body paint or chocolate to lick off your partner. Or you could blindfold your partner and have them guess what you’re feeding them. For a more romantic idea, you could play trick-or-treat and alternate between food, kisses or using a vibrator on them as a sexy trick instead.

Try something a little less vanilla 

As an extension of roleplay, Halloween could also be the perfect time to plan a scene together and start your journey into BDSM, or if you are already an avid BDSM-er, do something new

that you’re both longing to try. From impact play to temperature play, why not take the time to tie your partner down and have your wicked way with them? This could also be a time to introduce a new sex toy into the bedroom and have your partner try it on you. From being blindfolded and having them run an external vibrator over your body, building up arousal and anticipation as foreplay to using a G-spot vibrator as your partner goes down on you or plays with your nipples. 

Go to a Halloween party

If club nights aren’t your thing, but you still want to go why not check out Halloween-themed sex or fetish parties? These are great ways to add both BDSM and dress-up to your Halloween plans. We recommend Sexquisite’s Halloween party, an NSFW burlesque performance in London Bethnal Green’s working men’s club where you can watch performers and attend their after-party to try your moves. Or, London’s famous Torture Garden, a fetish and kink-focused night where you can explore new kinks, meet new people, and get dressed up for a sexy night out. 

Happy Halloween from all of us at LOVE NOT WAR! Considering the holiday is usually a night of sweets, costumes, and parties, we think Halloween should be for adults too! 

Written by Katrina Fairhurst



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