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Temperature Play 101

If you’ve been looking for a way to heat things up in the bedroom (literally!) temperature play might just be the perfect thing. From refreshing chills to passionate heat, your options for temperature foreplay are vast. It can be as simple or elaborate as desired and is also something that is easily customizable for everyone. So Whether you’re looking to steam things up or cool things down, temperature play can be a really fun and exciting addition to your bedroom antics. Whether alone or with a partner(s), here are some of our top tips for using temperature play to spice things up!

First thing is first, what is temperature play? 

Temperature play is a form of sensory play that involves using a variation of hot and cold temperatures in order to stimulate the body and enhance sexual arousal and pleasure. This can be achieved by using ice cubes, hot wax, warm massage oil, or even taking a cold or warm shower. Although it is usually seen as part of BDSM, specifically it’s a type of sensation play, it can also be used as part of foreplay or during masturbation.

Incorporating temperature play into your bedroom?

Start Slow

Before you dive into temperature play, it's important to take things slow. Begin by experimenting with different temperatures in non-sexual settings to understand your own or your partner's preferences. For example, try running your hands under hot or cold water or place a warm or cold compress on different areas of your body. This will help you gauge what temperature levels feel comfortable and arousing for you.

Use a variety of materials

There are plenty of materials that can be used in temperature play, and it's essential to consider what will work best for you and/or your partner. Some popular materials include ice, water, heating pads, hot stones, massage oils, and more. 

Experiment with different techniques

Temperature play can be done in many different ways. Some popular techniques include dripping hot wax onto the skin, using ice cubes to tease and tantalize, and using warmed oils for massage or just metal sex toys such as our Maya vibrator that will either heat up or cool down by putting it into water at different temperatures.

Be mindful of safety

When it comes to temperature play, safety should always be a top priority. Make sure to avoid sensitive areas like the genitals, nipples, and face until you’re sure you’re ready, and start offwith low temperatures to avoid burns or discomfort. Always check the temperature of any items before use and keep a cool, damp towel nearby in case of any mishaps.

Communication is key

As with any sexual activity, communication is key. Talk to your partner about your comfort levels and boundaries, and ask them to do the same. Consent is important, so make sure to check in frequently and adjust the temperature and technique according to your partner's feedback.



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