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Love Not War X HERO Condoms = GOOD KAMA

It seems to be one thing after another recently, right? A global pandemic, war, and of course, an even more complex global challenge, climate change. As World Health Day 2022 approaches, the theme of which is ‘Our Planet, Our Health’, we’re super excited to announce our partnership with eco-friendly Aussie brand, HERO Condoms to do our bit for our health and the planet.

So, if you want to help out and do your bit for the planet, and people in need then this is the collaboration for you. Introducing our limited edition blue sex toy, Good Kama. Not only is it sustainable and made from body and earth safe materials, HERO have also pledged to donate 24 free eco-friendly condoms to a community in need. 

Why is this collaboration necessary? 

 We have collaborated with HERO Condoms to help highlight the importance of access to condoms. With around 200 million people every year having unmet contraceptive needs through unfair and uneven distribution policies, (something HERO is actively trying to dispel) condoms offer a safe and highly effective method of preventing not only unwanted pregnancies but also STDs, including HIV. 

In addition to this crisis, condoms, sex toys and other related items contribute to the estimated 222.9 million tonnes of waste that is accumulated annually in the UK alone. Therefore we are helping HERO to call on consumers to consider the impact their lifestyles could potentially have on the environment. 

 More about HERO Condoms

 HERO Condoms exists to help those in need who unfortunately don’t have access to condoms, as they donate one condom for every condom that is sold to different communities across the world. You all remember Tom’s right? And how they would donate a pair of shoes for every pair sold, well it’s that, but condoms! 

To date, HERO has donated over 2.3 million condoms to Botswana and various health organizations in the company’s native Australia. In particular, HERO supports many frontline health organizations by supplying them with enough condoms to ensure that they have an adequate supply for distributing amongst communities that otherwise would not have had access to them.

More about us

The health benefits of using sex toys is well documented and clear links have been shown between toy use and improved sleep quality, bladder control and even mental health. Awareness around sexual wellness and sex-positivity has never been greater but at the same time the emerging pressure on our planet has also never been greater. Not only are our products designed using as few materials as possible using FDA grade-silicone, but we also commit to planting one tree for every condom sold. Imagine that, when you buy our Good Kama, you’re helping to donate to those in need AND helping the environment! 

Love Not War and HERO are two brands that place similar importance on people and the earth above all else and that is why this partnership is so important for us both. We’re thrilled to not only be championing good sexual health and wellbeing through this collaboration but also using our platform to promote safe sex. KAMA is one of our favourite products and we’re excited to help shape a more sustainable and sex-positive world; an inclusive world where everyone has access to healthy and eco-friendly contraception.



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