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Bestie, it’s time to dump your shower head, it’s not sustainable…

Yes it may give you multiple orgasms, and the running water may help drown out the noise, AND clean up any mess, but with hosepipe bans only weeks away, we want to encourage you to have sustainable orgasms and break-up with your shower head once and for all. 

We know that everyone loves their shower head, and the pleasure it brings. The many settings, the versatility, countless alone times that have been had, what’s not to love, right? But here at Love Not War, we are putting our foot down. The time has come to end the love affair, for World Environment Day, and let us tell you why…

An estimated 300 million litres of water are wasted each year through shower masturbation. And it’s no wonder, with – according to research – 22.8% of women admitting to masturbating in the shower. And while we understand why it’s a popular location for self-love, it also leads to the waste of around 121 Olympic-sized swimming pools’ worth of water each year, which is not so sexy. Here at Love Not War, we believe that’s simply not necessary, especially when there are so many high quality, premium sex toys at your disposal to do the job better and more sustainably.

At Love Not War, we love the planet, and we are famous for creating the world’s first range of luxury, eco-friendly sex toys out of recycled aluminium cans, so it is only right that we speak out against wasted water, and help prevent the wastage by encouraging you to break up with your beloved shower head, and opt for our sustainable sex toys and a nice comfy bed. 

When it comes to sex, we all know that wetter is better. But it’s also damaging the planet, and we know that orgasms shouldn’t cost the earth. So we are encouraging you to help us join the ‘Break Up With Your Shower Head’ campaign, leave it behind, and switch to more sustainable options for self-loving. 

We have teamed up with our friend and fellow Break Up With Your Shower Head advocate, Hanna Livengood, who said The shower has long been a place where self-pleasure gets steamy - there’s privacy, the shower helps to mitigate noise, and let’s not forget the showerhead itself which offers pressure and targeted sensation. 

While a shower session can be undeniably amazing, the reality of masturbating in the shower is that it’s a huge waste of water- about 2.5 gallons every minute. Not only is this unsustainable, but the water quality in most countries is extremely poor and laden with chemicals that can potentially alter your vagina’s natural flora. Opting for a sex toy means you have fun while saving the planet."

It would only be fair for us to help you through this break up, by offering you 20% off our entire range, starting on the 5th June! Could a shower head do that? Didn’t think so! All of Love Not War’s toys are created in our custom built, green-powered factory using recycled and recyclable materials. They are all waterproof (not that you will be using them in the shower!), rechargeable and come in two separate parts, the head and the battery. This means that you only need one battery base to power all the heads in our range allowing you to have multiple products in one, dramatically reducing the product’s environmental impact. Find out more about the Break Up With Your Showerhead campaign here!



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