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Be Naughty to Yourself, but Nice to the Earth This Christmas

It’s Christmas!!! (Well, almost) A time of year often associated with indulgence, parties and buying gifts for loved ones.

At Love Not War, the sustainable and eco-friendly sex toy brand, we love the festive season as much as the next person; it’s called the most wonderful time of the year for a reason after all, but we don’t love the 1.6 billion tonnes of waste that comes from the UK every year as a result of it.

I know, I know, nothing can kill the mood quicker than talking about product waste and ‘going green’ but this Christmas, we want to get you in the sack to show your appreciation to your significant other, or yourself, in a way that doesn’t cost the earth (either financially or environmentally).

As the temperature drops outside, Love Not War will keep you warm between the sheets with our high-quality, award-nominated range of recyclable toys that are built to last, designed and created in our custom-built, green-energy powered factory and made from only FDA approved body-safe materials.

So if you’re interested in having a *very* Merry Christmas this year, we have you covered with its range of fully waterproof vibrators that also come with interchangeable, detachable heads, meaning you only need one battery unit to create multiple products in one.

Here are just some of our favourite toys to not just give you a sexy festive season but will also make for a spark-igniting green eco-friendly Christmas gift all in one.

Now, on to the good stuff…

The Koi 

(Because petite can also mean powerful)

Price: £89.99

The newest addition to the Love Now War line up, the Koi is one of the smallest wands on the market. This powerful vibrator, which also doubles up as a body massager, is perfect if you want a slightly fuller head to cover a larger surface area. So whether you want some solo play or some time with your partner this holiday season, this sleekly designed twist on the classic wand is here to give you all the pleasure plus more.

The Laska 

(Because the pleasure should be all yours)

Price: £69.99

Want to treat yourself this festive season? If deep and rumbly vibrations are what you’re after, the Laska is a twist on the infamous rabbit and bullet design. Perfectly shaped to massage your clit, or hit your g-spot, this blended toy also makes the perfect naughty but nice gift.

The Miele 

(AKA the bestseller!)

Price: £69.99

This little bullet vibrator with a ballpoint tip is ideal for winter duvet days when all you want to do is spend hours on your pleasure. The lower settings offer a rumbly vibration that lets you build slowly, but for those instances when time is of the essence, the combination of the tip and higher settings offers a sensation that gets straight to the point.

The Grá 

(Because variety is the spice of life)

Price: £79.99

Do you like to feel different sensations deep inside? With a textured surface, powerful vibrations and a uniquely contoured head, Grá will fill you with  pleasure and leave you wanting to explore more. Perfect for lazy snow days in bed.



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