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LOVE NOT WAR’s 2023 Trend Predictions

Here at LOVE NOT WAR, we get to see first hand what’s trending and what peaks people's interests by the spending patterns, and year on year we do notice a difference! With that being said, we’ve pulled together a list of trends we expect to see in 2023, some ongoing from the previous year, and some that are becoming more apparent as people explore their sexual selves, and younger generations hit an age where they shop for sex toys. 

Different Orgasms 

Gone are the days of reaching orgasms just through penetration or clitoral stimulation! People are finding different, albeit inventive ways to reach orgasm through nipple or anal play alone. A lot of LOVE NOT WAR’s toys are great for stimulating specific areas and reaching G and P spots, such as MEILE, where the ballpoint tip targets areas with ease and stimulates just the desired place. 

We also wrote a blog about Nipple Orgasms last year, if you’re interested! 

Male Toys 

Although designed for vulva’s, a lot of LOVE NOT WAR toys can be used on the penis too. Take KOI for example, great for being held at the shaft to turn a penis into a vibrator during oral sex. Although male sex toys aren’t exactly new, they are definitely being explored more in foreplay, and are being introduced into more and more relationships! 

We’re so pleased to see a rise in sex toys for penises, as it shows people want to explore pleasure more!

Eco Friendly Sex Toys and Accessories 

Sex toys have been around for a long long time, and back in the day there wasn’t much of a choice between material, colour or shape. Cut to 2023, there are endless possibilities, there are even tentacle shaped toys now!! However with the abundance of sex toys comes lots of options to chose from, and as younger generations have more spending power, we are noticing a pattern in people opting for an eco-friendly option if they can. 

Luckily for us, our sex toys are the most sustainable on the market! The detachable head function allows you to buy only one vibrating base, and then you can purchase just the LOVE NOT WAR head to attach! Saving packaging, product, and money! 

Exploring Fantasies 

With more access to the internet, and companies taking strides to break stigmas, we are seeing a rise in younger generations exploring fantasies, going beyond their imaginations to act them out, and this is great! We always encourage people to explore their sexual fantasies and unlock pleasure they didn’t know was possible! 

No matter the trends that emerge throughout the year, we can’t wait to see them unfold and continue to make people happy!



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