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Enjoy Our Award-Winning Range Of Sustainable Sex Toys This Black Friday

This Black Friday we are offering a selection of deals that are good enough to make you scream, including 40% off our most popular vibrators, 20% off all of our interchangeable heads PLUS a special offer of a FREE head with select items. And if that isn’t enough, there's also a chance to bag yourself some free products in a fun spin to win Black Friday wheel. 

 As we approach Christmas, the time of year often associated with indulgence, parties and buying gifts, Love Not War want to remind you that while we really do love the festive season as much as the next person; what we don’t love is the 1.6 billion tonnes of waste that comes from the UK every year as a result of it.

Nothing can kill the mood quicker than talking about product waste and ‘going green’ but this festive season, Love Not War wants to enable you to show your appreciation to your significant other, or yourself, in a way that doesn’t cost the earth (either financially or environmentally!)

So as the temperature drops outside, keep warm between the sheets with our high-quality range of recyclable and fully waterproof toys that are built to last, designed and created in our custom-built, green-energy powered factory and made from only FDA approved body-safe materials.

Here are just some of our favourite toys with huge discounts that we think will make a spark-igniting green eco-friendly treat either for yourself or a friend:

The offers and giveaway are valid from 23 November at 9 AM BST - 1st December at 9 AM BST.

 Deal 1: 40% off the following vibrators

 GREY AMORE, WAS £69.99, $84.99 / NOW £42, $51

This little vibe is pocket-sized yet surprisingly powerful. Whether you are in the mood for discreet solo play or getting intimate with your partner, this sleekly designed classic bullet is here to give you all the pleasure plus more. Offering deep powerful vibrations, with multiple speeds and patterns, AMORE can be teased across your nipples, pressed firmly on your clit, or used for playful shallow internal stimulation. 

 ORANGE GRÁ, WAS £79.99, $99.99 / NOW £48, $60

Do you like to feel different sensations deep inside? With a textured surface, powerful vibrations and a uniquely contoured head, GRÁ will fill you with pleasure and leave you wanting to explore more. The pattern and texture invites you to explore internal and external stimulation while rumbling through its multiple speeds and patterns. 

 GREY KAMA, WAS £79.99, $99.99 / NOW £48, $60

Do you love the feeling of your G-spot being deeply massaged? Then KAMA could be the perfect fit for you. We have tailored and angled the design of KAMA’s head to provide an intense sensation on the G-spot but also ensured its surface is great for clit stimulation too.

Deal 2: Free Head of your choice when you purchase any of the following

 ORANGE KAMA, £79.99, $99.99 + FREE HEAD

Because everybody is different and every G-spot unique, KAMA helps you explore your body. Featuring a versatile shape, a powerful rumbling motor, and multiple speeds & patterns, designed to fit most bodies.

 ORANGE LIEBE, £79.99, $99.99 + FREE HEAD

LIEBE allows you to apply just the right amount of pressure. It features multiple speeds & patterns and is perfect for exploring your body, finding your G-spot and letting your pleasure build. 

 ORANGE MEILE, £69.99, $84.99 + FREE HEAD

Is pinpoint clitoral stimulation your thing? Then this little bullet vibe with a ballpoint tip is the toy for you. For the days when you want to spend hours on your pleasure, the lower settings offer a rumbly vibration that lets you build slowly, but for the days when time is of the essence, the combination of the ballpoint tip and higher settings offers a buzzy vibration that gets straight to the point.

 MAYA £69.99, $84.99 + FREE HEAD

If you’re after a sleek, simple and smooth vibrator that gets straight to the point, MAYA is the one for you. This bullet-shaped vibe is our most sustainable product yet, made from 99% recycled aluminum, it also has a tapered tip meaning it can target specific areas of the body with ease. 

 Deal 3: 20% off all heads

 KOI HEAD, WAS £49.99, $59.99 / NOW £40, $48

If you’re looking for a fuller head to stimulate a larger surface area then the KOI head is the one for you. The KOI head, attached to the base unit creates a petite but powerful toy; the most sustainable wand on the market. But don’t be fooled by its small appearance, KOI offers deep rumbling vibrations that penetrate deep. 

 LASKA HEAD, WAS £34.99, $44.99 / NOW £28, $36

Are you the type of person who can’t make up your mind? Then this twist on the infamous rabbit and classic bullet is for you. When combined with the Love Not War base unit, LASKA packs all the punch of a larger toy and is perfectly shaped to massage your clit, or hit your g-spot, bringing pleasure to spots you didn’t know needed it.

 LIEBE HEAD, WAS £34.99, $49.99 / NOW £28, $36

Do you like G-spot stimulation but like to take things slow and let things build up? Then the LIEBE head is perfect for your collection. The soft and flexible silicone head is designed to perfectly massage your G-spot, allowing you to apply just the right amount of pressure.

Deal 4: Spin the wheel to win!

This fun game will be featured on our website while our Black Friday deal runs, giving you the opportunity to win:

  • A 20% discount code voucher, to be used on any purchase in December
  • A Free head voucher, to be used with any purchase over $50 until the end of December
  • A FREE AMORE vibrator!



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