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Sex and Sustainability: How Your Pleasure May Be Hurting The Environment & What You Can Do To Help

When you’re about to reach your big climax, you’re probably not thinking about Mother Nature. The few seconds before the eruption is a rightfully selfish time. But, what about the thing you can do to help make your O greener before you even get going?

The truth is, sex toys are not traditionally sustainable. Many are made of plastic that’s derived from petroleum which can be difficult to recycle and eventually end up in landfills. Other sex toys are made from jelly rubber which is filled with phthalates, which unfortunately are toxic to our marine ecosystems by causing alteration in reproduction gene expression levels and hormone levels among marine life. It also negatively impacts spawning performance in both genders. 

So, you can see how the sex toy industry isn’t exactly kind to our environment. Thankfully, some sex toy companies do care and they know you care too, which is why they’re working hard to recycle and reuse, limit their carbon footprint, and use materials that are eco-conscious. 

If you’re also working to reduce your carbon footprint and make wiser consumer choices, then purchasing sex toys and other sexual wellness products that share that same goal is key to keeping sustainable products on the market. Here are a handful of our favorite products that won’t only get you off and keep you happy but will also keep Mother Earth clean and make her happy too.


If you’re someone who needs their G-spot hit just right in order to get a strong orgasm, then Love Not Wars Good Kama vibrator is for you. Its sleek and expertly-designed shaft comes angled and curved at the tip, making it perfect for G-spot stimulation when penetrated. The silky smooth ball of the tip used for the G-spot is also perfect for clitoral stimulation. 

This top-notch design is also quiet, despite its multiple settings (4 intensity levels and 7 vibration patterns), and is waterproof. It’s also made with only earth-friendly 100% recycled aluminum. 


The Koi vibrator by Love Not War is small but mighty and comes with a flexible head. It’s designed for the stimulation of larger surface areas. Similar to Good Karma, it has 4 intensity levels and 7 vibration patterns, is waterproof, and is ideal for both internal penetration and external stimulation. It works especially well for clit stimulation and nipple play. And, as a bonus, it can be used for massages (erotic and not) and to relieve neck tension. 

This vibrator is made with 100% aluminum and the motor back at the base is made with a special plastic that is biodegradable. 


Love Not Wars Laska is a twist on the classic rabbit and bullet shapes, because sometimes it’s hard to decide how you want to play. This petite vibrator is perfectly shaped to massage your clit and hit your G-spot. The silky smooth bunny eared-top, which is both firm and flexible, feels amazing on the nipples, and because of the unique shape, it’s ideal for experimentation. 

Apart from being made with 100% aluminum, toys from Love Not War are both repairable and recyclable. Their packaging is also kind to the earth by using eco-friendly ink and a biodegradable travel bag made of tencel to carry your new toy in. 



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