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An Ode To Sex Toys

WRITTEN BY Katrina Fairhurst

As someone writing a blog for a sustainable sex-toy company, you may have guessed that I have a biased opinion on the topic. . . Personally, I think they are the best, From my early teenage years where I was first learning what sex and pleasure was, to helping me become confident and feel like a sensual person after my vaginismus diagnosis, sex toys have been there for me every step of the way.

So, this is my love letter to sex-toys.

Big, small, glass, vibrating, silicone, penetrative or bunny ears, whatever gets you off there is probably a sex toy … or 5 that can tickle your fancy no matter your age, gender, sexuality or if you are able-bodied, with the wide variety on offer, there is something for everyone!

Whether you have had or are having sex or not, sex toys are also a great way to learn what you like and don’t like without the worry or embarrassment that comes with being with a partner. By giving yourself the control to explore you set the rules on what goes where and when and at what speed even if you don’t orgasm in the end. Masturbation has been proven to help cure cramps, migraines or just a shitty day in general (The same as a good a bar of Galaxy!!)

With new shapes, sizes and materials – sex toys go hand in hand with pleasure-based sex-education, allowing you a hands-on education, both on your own and with a partner or partners, that is all about exploration and pleasure without pregnancy being the end game. They are great tools to teaching you what you enjoy and how your body works because just like how every vagina and penis is unique so too is your pleasure.

By using them with partners you can also use them to teach your partner what you enjoy, either by using them on yourself in-front of them or allowing them to use them on you, by making sex and masturbation about exploration and pleasure and less about  procreation and a race to orgasm, we create an atmosphere and understanding that sex is fun, boosts a positive attitude towards our bodies as well as offering you the chance to speak with confidence about what you enjoy.

Love Your Vibe

At LNW alongside being a sustainable company that focuses on creating greener sex-tech future they also prioritise pleasure at the heart of what they do. With the ethos “make love not war” LNW make products that are aimed at promoting love in all forms; from love thy self and your body to love your partner, each vibe has been crafted for love and pleasure.

Because they understand that everyone’s pleasure is different, they have created a selection of different vibes, perfect for you to mix-and-match your way to the perfect orgasm. All made with body safe, flexible silicone so that they are comfortable both internally and externally for your body.

But how do you know what is the right one for you?

When it comes to your pleasure, both solo and with a partner or partners, you know your body best, to know which LNW vibe will be best for you, you need to work out what you want?

Do you like Internal? G-Spot focused.

Would you prefer a more external focus?

Rumbly or deep vibrations?

To help you decide which one is the perfect vibe for you I have summarised each of their products to help you decide which suites your pleasure needs the best.

Amore – a sleek bullet with a powerfully deep vibrations that are perfect for clitoral and external vaginal stimulation. Great for solo play and with a partner

Laksa - Inspired by the classic rabbit ears, Laksa is the perfect clit stimulation, sure to blow your mind and leave you lost in the world of pleasure.

Liebe – the perfect shape to nail your g-spot! With its flat head, soft silicone to fit your body and deep vibrations it offers hours of intense pleasure.

Kama – like Liebe, Kama is perfect for finding your g-spot, but with its round head and rumbling vibrations it offers new sensations, guaranteed to have you seeing stars!

Meile – This bestseller has earned its place! With its unique ball-head and intensely deep vibrations Meile creates new sensations each time it is used. Great both clitoral and internally.

Grá – With its textured and contoured body it creates new sensations across the vaginal area. Perfect for exploring yourself!

LNW offer a range of vibes that are perfect and guilt-free with their sustainable credentials allowing you to find out what works for you with their inter-changeable heads. With research showing that masturbation has positive effects on mental-health and self-confidence They are the perfect weekend-buddy or night-time friend when the world is feeling like it is weighing you down.

With their wide variety of different textures, speeds and uses, sex toys are masturbations greatest accessory – adding to your pleasure. Therefore I have taken the time to celebrate, praise and declare my love to them.



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