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KOI Head


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Now with NeoSIlicone™

KOI is what all the fuss is about: it’s the toy that won us the Red Dot Design award for its blend of pleasure, versatility, and sustainability.

Think of it like a Wand vibrator, with all that rumbly pleasure, but small enough to slip into your back pocket. It’s like a multi-tool for orgasms: it’ll go anywhere, do anything, and is discreetly designed enough that you don’t even need to tuck it away in a drawer when you’re not using it. It is sex, and art.

It’s also quiet and waterproof. If you’re not sure which LOVE NOT WAR pleasure product to choose, KOI is the perfect all-rounder.

NeoSilicone™ is the world’s first silicone compound that’s safe to use with superior silicone lubricants. Because wetter is always better.


For: Clit stimulation, nipple play and all over external fun

Feels: Super soft to the touch and deceptively powerful, petite but powerful

Bonus: It’s perfect for body massages and relieving neck tension

KOI Head



Made from body & earth safe materials

- The earth and your clit will thank you

Compatible with all love. not war. vibe heads

- Only 1 rechargeable battery needed for multiple toys


- Long baths, quick showers and naughty lake days approved

Repairable and recyclable

- We’re built to last


- Because some things you might like to keep to yourself

Travel lock

- You could always blame your phone…


Conscientious shipping

At love. not war. we make it a priority for our shipping process to match our products, in that it is as ‘green’ as possible.  Everything from our shipping partners to our packaging is taken into consideration.

Fast & Discreet Shipping

Once your order has been shipped you should receive it within 5 working days. 

Shipping prices will depend on your location:

UK -  Free shipping

USA -  Free shipping

Rest of world - £20

You may also care to know that all love. not war. products are delivered in completely discreet packaging with no clues as to what is inside the package.

Get in touch

We currently ship to the UK, Europe and the USA. However, it is important to note that we are always adding more markets to our shipment list, so if you are currently living outside of these areas, please feel free to get in touch with us at and we will see what is possible. 

How To Play With The Toy

A Great Personal Massager

Koi is perfect for body massages and helps relieve neck tension.

Naughty Lake Days Approved

Koi is fully waterproof, meaning it will withstand a long soak in the bath!

Perfect for Couples

Hold Koi at the base of the shaft for a mind-blowing BJ, that vibrates the penis.

Our dedication to sustainability.

KOI’s inner body and end ring is made with 100% recycled aluminium and uses the minimum amount of silicone needed. The motor back in the base is made with a plastic that is biodegradable, and our logo is lovingly engraved onto the toy with a laser, so there is no ink or nasty chemicals used. Our packaging is also sealed with earth-friendly glue, and the ink used on our packaging is soy-ink, a sustainable solution.

Our toys will come with a white, sleek travel bag, made from tencel lyocell. We use this material, because it’s better for the environment than other materials. It does not use harmful chemicals in the production process, and the earth friendly ink we use to print our logo on the bag is easily transferable and long lasting. 

Tencel is also less likely to gather bacteria and other nasties that can transfer to the toy. It also requires less energy and water than conventional cotton, and as it’s plant-derived, it is biodegradable. If that’s not enough, tencel is also considerably thicker, to help protect the product.

Who said petite can’t be powerful?

A Red Dot award winner, this petite but powerful head is one of the most sustainable on the market. 

If you’re looking for a fuller head to stimulate a larger surface area then the KOI is the one for you, but don’t be fooled by its small appearance, KOI offers deep rumbling vibrations that penetrate deep. The fully waterproof head is perfect for a quick burst of pleasure or hours of fun. 

KOI’s flexible neck, but malleable head allows the toy to move with the contours of your body, not only great for clirotal stimulation, KOI doubles up as a body massager, great for relieving neck tension. 

Please note that this is the head only, if you do not own a love. not war. vibrating base, this will need to be purchased.

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One button, countless functions.

Unlike other toys that users may find confusing, love. not war. has only one button for every function. It is easy to locate (at the bottom of the base), leaving no problems when the lights go out… the button will illuminate when on, or charging so that you know it’s working! It is also equipped with a travel lock, to save any awkwardness at the airport. 

To test out the toys 4 intensity levels and 7 vibration patterns, simply click the button to feel the next pattern. If you’re having trouble, there is a card that comes with the toy illustrating how all patterns feel. 

Did you know?

When you purchase your first love. not war. vibrator, you will notice that the head is detachable. This means you only need one vibrating base for the entire heads range. This sleek and innovative design is one of the reasons we have won 5 awards in just one year. 

With over 20 years experience in this industry, love. not war.’s co-founders carefully designed the vibrating base and each head with your pleasure in mind. Each vibrating base has been designed, so that when charging it does not look like a sex toy. The base is made from recycled aluminium, leaving a high quality luxury finish on the toy. 

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