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Advent Calendar Giveaway


The prize draw(s) is available only to eligible participants. An eligible participant is a person who is a resident of the United Kingdom. Employees and the families of love. not war., or anyone professionally connected with this competition are not an eligible participant. The promoter reserves the right to verify the eligibility of eligible participants. By taking part in this competition, eligible participants confirm that they accept the competition terms and conditions below.

  • There will be one (1) prize winner for each of the four (4) giveaways and these prize winners must be aged 18 years or over.
  • Prizes include:

1) One (1) Nooda Orangics shampoo bar, one (1) Green Christmas Book from Eilidh and one (1) love. not war. Gra vibrator

2) One (1) Clothes Before Bro's item, one (1) pair of ‘Cliterally The Best’ earrings and one (1) love. not war. vibrator

3) One (1) ModiBodi product voucher and one (1) love. not war. Meile vibrator

4) One (1) love. not war. product bundle


  • The draws will take place on or after the dates specified below and the winners will be selected at random from the eligible entries by a computerised draw:

1) Nooda Orangics, Eilidh and LNW Gra draw date: 6th December 2021

2) Clothes Before Bros, ‘Cliterally The Best’ and LNW Laska draw date: 13th December 2021

3) ModiBodi and LNW Meile: 20st December 2021          

4) LNW bundle draw date: 27th December

The winner of each of the four (4) draws will be contacted no later than the dates specifed below. The winners will be contacted via Instagram direct messenger on the account that they entered with details on how to redeem their prize.

  1. Nooda Orangics, Eilidh and LNW Gra draw date: 9th December 2021
  2. Clothes Before Bros, ‘Cliterally The Best’ and LNW Laska draw date: 16th December 2021
  3. ModiBodi and LNW Meile: 23rd December 2021          
  4. LNW bundle draw date: 30th December

To claim their prize the winners must, within one (1) week of receiving notification, provide written confirmation that he/she is able to claim the prize as set out above. In the event the claim for the prize is not received by the promoter within one (1) week, the promoter reserves the right to withdraw prize entitlement and award the prize to a reserve selected at the same time as the original. Please therefore ensure your availability during this period in case you are a winner.



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